onchain perpetuals Reimagined

The first chain abstracted perpetuals aggregator with the most capital-efficient use of liquidity through the integration of RWAs, CSR, and LSDs

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Introducing Cadence
Cadence is an intent-centric perpetuals aggregator first launched as the flagship perpetuals protocol on Canto that is the most capital-efficient use of liquidity by integrating Real World Assets (RWAs). This protocol will be integrated into Cadence's intent-based execution network, Symphony. Cadence, powered by Symphony, will allow a user to trade any asset across any chain instantly without the need to bridge assets, sign multiple transactions, etc
Optimized Solver Network
Solvers execute trades on behalf of users' account abstraction-enabled smart wallets, giving users complete control over their positions with minimal latency
Account Abstraction UX & UI
Base-level infrastructure (i.e. chains, wallets, bundled transactions, and bridges) is abstracted from the user through smart wallets allowing for a simple and redefined UX
Intent-Based RFQ Architecture
Cadence's protocol-level execution network utilizes solvers to find optimized trade quotes for users across protocols & chains. Through the unification of protocols, this enables single-click transactions at the optimal path routed through Cadence's Intent Pooling Engine (IPE)
Collateralized RWAs
Cadence enables RWA collateralized Perps that empowers both stakers and traders alike to earn real yield on their collateral allowing for much higher capital efficiency than other perps protocols
Cadence leverages Pyth Price Feeds to access real-time market data and ensure accurate and efficient trading experiences for users.
Unmatched Rewards
Unlock high yield, long-term benefits & earn valuable incentives with Cadence's earn program
Flagship Protocol on Canto
Cadence Perps is pioneering DeFi on Canto, offering users a secure and seamless trading experience for digital assets. With its innovative features and robust infrastructure, Cadence empowers users to trade with confidence and efficiency.
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Premier Capital Efficiency
Our multi-asset pool will consist of $cNOTE as the main stablecoin that allows the pool to generate ~5% yield regardless of trading volume or market conditions. Additionally, traders and LPs can open positions or provide liquidity with RWAs or LSDs.
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Protocol-Level Execution Network
Cadence connects protocols together, creating a unified and interconnected ecosystem. Protocols, super-apps, and networks can tap into our intent-centric infrastructure Symphony and instantly connect into liquidity and protocols across chains.
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Testnet Users
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One (Q1 24')
✓ Testnet Completion
✓ Website Launch
✓ Documentation Launch
✓ Token Generation Event (TGE) 
✓ Liquidity Bootstrapping Pool (LBP) Launch
✓ Cadence Perp Protocol Mainnet Launch
✓ Integrate RWAs
✓ Symphony Development Begins


Two (Q2 24')
✓ Early Incentives Program
✓ Trading Competitions
✓ Build out Account Abstraction
✓ Begin Smart Contract Auditing
✓ Internal Testing


Three (Q3 24')
Cadence Symphony Mainnet Launch
Integrate Cadence Perps Liquidity into RFQ Infra
Marketplace for ...
Expand Solver Network and Integrate Other Protocols
???-as-a-Service (?aaS)
Continued Incentive Program
Dynamic Yield Generation
Non-KYC On-Ramping

Our core contributors have extensive background in the crypto industry with experience in building production-grade applications at Consensys and Kraken



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